Starting from today, I’m committing to invest time into writing about various topics related to software engineering (mostly).

I recently read somewhere (although I was not able to find the source when writing this piece) that writing is a muscle and it needs training to develop and maintain it in good shape. Believe it or not, I have wanted to start writing before and made it my new year’s resolution to do so in the past, but the analogy I mentioned earlier stuck in my head and pushed me to actually start writing again.

I don’t know what are the topics I will cover in this website just yet, but as mentioned already I want to focus on software engineering for the time being. Why? Because that’s my trade, it pays the bills, and I enjoy practicing it.

The “enjoying” part is crucial. Last year was kind of difficult when looking back at my career choices as I was feeling not-so-light burnout symptoms. I gotta say, I feel those symptoms every now and then but it’s gotten better now. I believe finding a sense of purpose for what I do as a Software Engineer is of vital importance to prevent burnout from creeping in.

All this backstory to explain that I want to make it a purpose to share what little I know with anyone who finds it useful. Hopefully you, dear reader, will be one of those to find something worth the time in this website.

Thank you for reading.